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At Billings we offer a wide range of classes 
for all age groups and abilities from 5 -18 years old
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Billings Rhythmic Gymnastics Northampton

We offer training in 2 separate venues across Northampton.  


Moulton Venue

John Ashby Sports Hall 

Moulton College Gate 3

Pitsford Road 




Monday, Tuesday,Friday
From 17:00

Billings Rhythmic Gymnastics Northampton

Duston Venue

Duston Sports Centre 

Cotswold Avenue 




From 09:00

Billings Rhythmic Gymnastics Northampton


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Latest News and Upcoming Events

11th July 2022

Club Championships July 2022

Our first Club Championships in over 2 yearsFor many of our younger gymnasts it gave them their first opportunity to show everyone what they have been up to.

A huge well done to all our club members who performed at Club Championships this evening. There were so many lovely routines including many showing off their skills for the very first time!

Everyone should feel very proud of themselves.

Congratulations to our medalists and all our award winners and nominees. 

Thank to all the parents for bringing your children, we hope you enjoyed the evening. It was lovely being able to share some of what we do each week with you.

A huge thanks to all our volunteers for everything they did to make the evening possible and for all the donations of cakes and raffle prizes.

Club Championships Results:

U8 1st Georgie, 2nd Lois, 3rd Isabel

U10 1st Elise, 2nd Willow, 3rd Hattie

U12 1st Miley, 2nd Medeea, 3rd Anna

Junior 1st Poppy, 2nd Ellie G, 3rd Sophie B

Senior 1st Saskia, 2nd Connie, 3rd Charlotte R

Smile Award for Performance: Olivia and Polina

Basic Skills Awards

Level 1:

Anais, Andreea, Annelia, Ava-Rose, Beatrice, Beatrix, Blessing, Brielle

Charlotte, Cora G, Cora L, Dasha, Dolcy, Ella, Ellie E-N, Elodie, Fae, Harriet G, Harriet T, Isabel, Isla, Jaskeerat, Jessica, Jessica-Louise, Kaylee, Lois, Lola, Mia, Molly, Navjot, Phoenix, Simisola, Taylor, Zoe, Zuri

Level 2

Anna, Blessing, Gabrielle, Jessica O-R, Molly

Splits Awards:

Amelia, Anais, Channah, Charlotte R, Connie, Ellie G, Elise, Elizabeth, Hattie, Holly, Kaitlyn, Lois, Medeea, Nevaeh, Saskia, Zoe

Gymnasts’ Choice - Voted for by club members for the gymnast they see as a role model

Nominations: Anna, Charlotte R, Darcy, Neavaeh, Sophie

Winner: Saskia 

Hardest Worker 

Nominations: Ellie E-N, Elodie, Ella, Cora L, Jess O-R, Gabrielle, Beatrix, Nevaeh, Elise, Darcy, Saskia, Isabel, Sophie

Winner: Channah

Most Improved 

Nominations: Harriet T, Isla, Cora G, Lois, Isabel, Anna, Blessing, Channah, Nevaeh, Elise, Faith, Amelia, Medeea, Lexie, Charlotte

Winner: Saskia 

Young Potential

Nominations: Dolcy, Fae, Anais, Elodie, Mia, Ella, Zoe, Lois, Ellie E-N, Phoenix, Isabel, Kaitlyn, Hattie, Harriet G, Ava-Rose

Winner: Elise & Nevaeh

Young Coach

Nominations: Connie, Laura C, Saskia, Sophie B

Winner: Laura Stanton

Outstanding Achievement:


Medeea – Representing the Club at the National individual open apparatus competition and Zonal Grades Competition

Fae – Representing the Club at the Zonal Grades competition and winning the Zonal Disability G4 Championships

Saskia – Representing the club at the Bath Open, winning 2 medals and being named the judges’ Star Performer of the Day

Charlotte – Overcoming significant challenges over the last 2 years and making a wonderful comeback to training and competition.


Darcy– Representing the Club at the National Individual Open Apparatus competition and Zonal Grades and being crowned U12 County Champion

Here are some of the images from the evening. You can see the full selection on our group Facebook page.