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COVID-19 Update - 27th March 2021

Over the past few weeks we have been planning our return to training and have all our fingers and toes crossed for a safe return from the 12th April.


I don’t know about you but this lockdown has been the hardest out of them all for so many and for so many different reasons; we are just so proud of how our gymnasts have continued to adapt to online training and seemingly taken it all in their stride, so well done to them all. 


Also a big thank you and well done to you as gym parents, I am sure you never envisaged that your living rooms, dining rooms kitchens would be turned in to mini gyms for your gymnasts! Thank you for all the support you have not only shown to your gymnasts but have shown towards our club and coaches – honestly we cannot thank you enough.


So in readiness for our return we have decided to give all the gymnasts, coaches and parents a zoom break during Easter.


We will continue with our zoom sessions on Sunday 28th, Monday 29th Tuesday 30th March we will then break and return to face to face training on Tuesday 13th April.  Monday 12th April we will continue on zoom for the last time (fingers crossed)


Sundays will continue on Zoom until May 9th,  then we will return to Duston


We have kept the timetable the same as we did following the last lockdown. Below is a summary timetable of the sessions as a reminder. If you are unsure which group/sessions yours gymnast should attend please let us know.

We will be operating with the same guidelines and restrictions that we did before, and entrance to the hall will be via the back door. Please be reminded that parents will not be allowed into the gym, and gymnasts will be required to remove theirs shoes prior to entering the hall – Please consider this and wearing shoes that will be easier to remove to avoid congestion, and to allow sessions to start promptly.


Gymnasts must bring with them all their kit, we will not be able to loan any kit during the session. Please be reminded that Gymnasts are expected to wear club kit and have hair in a neat bun for all sessions.


Our group gymnasts (Espoir, Junior, Junior Nov, Seniors) will be continuing with their group work and therefore be collaborating in closer proximity and sharing apparatus. Please can you let us know if you are not comfortable with your gymnasts training in this way. 


We are aware that British Gymnastics have launched a return to contact coaching guide however as a club we will not yet be operating in this way and therefore coaches, welfare officers will remain at a 2m distance away from the gymnast. We will keep you updated as and when we plan to change to contact coaching. 


We will aim to train all the way through to the summer holidays (excluding Bank Holidays in May 3rd & 31st) and finish for our summer break on Friday 30th July. We will then return slightly earlier than normal on Monday 16th August 2021. 


Please make sure that all fee’s are up to date before we return to training.

Please make sure to read the Return to Training page for do's and dont's upon returning. 

Please keep an eye on the Facebook group and your emails for updates. 


If you have any queries, questions or concerns please let us know


See you all very soon

Jo, Helen, Andrea, Dawn, Sharon, Cristina



COVID-19 Update - 30th December 2020

We hope you all had a good Christmas!

Unfortunately following the news today that we will be entering Tier 4 from tomorrow it looks like we will not be able to return to training as planned on the 4th January.

We will be finalising our plans for training in the coming days and will update you all once we have the confirmation and our timetable in place.

Please stay safe and keep well..... once again I am sure we will get through this together and thank you for your continued support.


COVID-19 Update - 28th November 2020


Further to the below announcement,  we can now confirm that we recommence our normal sessions on Friday 4th December at Moulton College.  Please make sure to read the Return to Training page for do's and dont's upon returning. 

Please keep an eye on the Facebook group and your emails for updates. 



After a successful half term training it is with sadness that I am writing to you following the Government Briefing on Saturday night. 


Our last face to face training session will be Tuesday 3rd November. We hope this will only be for a short period of time and aim to recommence our normal sessions on Friday 4th December at Moulton College.  Please make sure to read the Return to Training page for do's and dont's upon returning. 

Please keep an eye on the Facebook group and your emails for updates. 


In the meantime we will run our sessions on zoom for November. We aim to cater for all and there will be at least one suitable session for your gymnast to attend. Our online training area on our website is also still live for gymnasts to access should they want to do further training. 


In these sessions we take this opportunity to reset the gymnast’s strength, flexibility and body skills whilst also continuing with routines where possible for our squad gymnasts. Our recreational gymnasts will also continue with learning their basic elements and working towards badge work.


Just a few pointers when attending zoom sessions:

  • Ensure that camera’s are on so our coaches can provide feedback to your gymnast

  • All microphones  will be muted, to reduce feedback however if your gymnasts needs to talk to the coach they can raise their hand 

  • The chat function will be limited and if used the coach will be able to see the message.

  • Gymnasts should be supervised by a parent or guardian during the session (particularly our Recreational and Future Hopes Gymnasts)

You will find below the timetable if you have any questions or if you are unsure which session your gymnast should attend please let us know. 



Jo, Helen, Andrea, Dawn, Sharon, Cristina

COVID-19 Update - 31st August 2020

Training returns to Moulton on the 1st Sept. If you have been notified of your training times please check out the Return to Training guidelines page with all the latest safety information



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