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2022 Events

County Championships - June 2022

The girls competing at County Championships today were amazing!

Fabulous routines from everyone and the most wonderful team spirit behind the scenes.

It was a pleasure to be with you all and watch all the improved performances and how kind you all were to each other.

A huge thank you to Sharon, Laura & Saskia for coaching- always so reliable and loved by all the girls.

A massive thanks to Andrea, Rachel, Abi, Julia, Becky for all your services to make the competition run. 


U8 Free - Open L1/2 Isabel 3rd 🥉

U8 Free - County Championships Isabel 2nd 🥈

U10 L1 Hoop - Amelia 2nd 🥈

U10 L2 Free - Elise 2nd 🥈,  Nevaeh 3rd 🥉

U10 L2 Ball - Channah 2nd 🥈

U10 County Championships D - Fae 1st. 🥇 🏆

U12 L1 Hoop - Anna 1st  🥇, Gabrielle 2nd 🥈

U12 L2 Clubs - Sophie

U12 County Championships 

Darcy 1st.  🥇🏆

Medeea 2nd 🥈

Junior L2 Ribbon - Poppy 1st 🥇

Junior L2 Clubs -

Poppy 1st , 🥇🏆

Ellie 2nd. 🥈

Lexie 3rd. 🥉

Senior County Championships  

Saskia 2nd. 🥈

Senior L2 Clubs - Charlotte 1st in Clubs 🥇, 2nd in Senior L2 🥈

Espoir Group County Championships

Darcy, Medeea, Amelia, Olivia 1st. 🥇 🏆

Channah, Faith, Elise, Nevaeh 2nd 🥈

Zone C level 1-3 competition

A big well do to all our gymnasts at the zone c level 1-3 competition today. Lots of lovely performances and for some of our gymnasts their first competition.


Full results

Well done to our medal winners


Isabel U8 1st 🥇

Faith U10 ball 2nd 🥈

Channah U10 ball 1st 🥇

Poppy junior clubs 3rd 🥉

Saskia senior ball and clubs 1st 🥇

A big thank you to all our helpers

Carolyn, Joyce, Rachel, Andrea,

Abigail, Charlotte, Laura.

To our gymnasts


Hattie, Amelia,

Darcy, Meedea

who helped out running collecting

the judges sheets for the scorers.

To Julia for her amazing announcing

for the whole day.

And finally to Sharon who had

the mammoth task of coach our

gymnasts for the day!

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