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Butterfly Cup 2015


Butterfly Cup 2015


On Saturday 11th July 14 of our gymnasts travelled to Brighton to participate in the Caterpilllar and Butterfly cup. With this being the last individual competition of the year it was nice to see all the girls enjoying themselves. After what was an incredibly long day the girls brought back 3 bronze, 1 silver, 1 Gold medal. 

The Caterpillar cup girls started the day with Darby, Isla & Daria competing in the 2008 section, Isobel then took gold in the 2009 section. We then saw Abbie, Bonnie competing in the 2006 U10 Free both having improved performances from their last competition. Rachel then competed and won Bronze in the 2005 level 1 U10 Free, and Madeline just missing out on a medal in the 2007 U8 level 1. 

It was then our squad gymnasts of who some did not get to perform until 9:30pm, Emily took bronze in the level 3 Junior Ball and Asha won Silver in 2005 level 3 U10 rope, and Sydney taking the bronze in the 2006 level 3 U10

Rope. A big well done to Abi, Imogen, Jess and Connie who also competed in the level 2 and Level 3 competitions finishing what has been a fantastic year for our squad girls. 

A big thank you to Helen who was coaching the girls the whole day and to Jo who was Judging. Butterfly Cup 2015 Butterfly Cup 2015 Butterfly Cup 2015 Butterfly Cup 2015

Rose Cup 2015


Rose cup 2015 has been our most successful individual competition this year! This is due to the dedication of all our gymnasts and coaches. In total our gymnasts brought home 12 medals - 4 Gold, 6 Silver and 2 Bronze medals. Big congratulations to Asha Wootton-Thompson for achieving the highest score of the whole day from any club.

Level 1 U8 Free Darby Purkiss 2nd

Level 1 U10 Hoop:  Rachel Garner 2nd

Level 1 Junior Ball: Millie Sanderson 2nd

Level 2 U8 Free: Madeline Clarke 2nd

Level 3 U10 Free: Asha Wooton-Thompson 1st

Level 3 U10 Rope: Sydney Purkiss 1st

Level 3 U10 Hoop: Asha Wooton-Thompson 3rd

Level 3 U12 Clubs: Jessica Larkum 2nd

Level 3 Junior Hoop: Emily Juzyk 1st, Abigail Bradshaw 3rd

Level 3 Junior Clubs: Emily Juzyk 1st, Abigail Bradshaw 2nd

March 2015 - County Championships

What a competition we had on Sunday – this was the first competition of the year and a chance to perform all those new routines that the gymnasts have been working so hard on. A big thank you to all coaches & volunteers for helping to Make the day a success.

Congratulations to;     Rhianne & Ellie – 3rd U8 Novice Duet
                                  Darby & Isla – 2nd U8 Novice Duet
                                  Jessica Larkum –3rd U12 County Championships
                                  Sydney Purkiss  – 1st U10 County Championships

There were many other fantastic performances and a lovely display by our recreational class. A good start to the competition year.

Well done to all!

2015 Regional Championships and Grades

Well done to all the girls taking part in the East Midlands Regional Championships inBirmingham on Sunday. There were some nice perrformances showing improvement from our last competition.

Under 8:  Madeline Clarke – 4th, Grace Martin -7th

Under 9: Sydney Purkiss – 5th

Under 10: Asha Wootton-Thompson - 4th, Connie Jeffery 6th

Under 12: Jessica Larkum - 6th

Junior:     Emily Juzyk - 3rd,  Abigail Bradshaw – 4th.

Congratulations to all gymnasts who took and passed their grades. 

Grade 4 – Sydney Purkiss

Grade 5 – Asha Wootton-Thompson, Connie Jeffery

Grade 7 – Jessica Larkum

Grade 9 – Abigail Bradshaw, Emily Juzyk. 

Billings RGC 2015 events
Billings RGC 2015 events
Billings RGC 2015 events
Billings RGC 2015 events
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