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2016 Events

Zone C Grades & East Midlands Championships 2016

Please see Full results below;

Isobel - U8 East Midlands Champion & 3rd in Zone

Isla - 2nd Place East Midlands, 4th in Zone

Darby - 3rd Place East Midlands, 6th in Zone 

Daria - 4th Place East Midlands, 8th in Zone

Madeline - 2nd Place U9 East Midlands, 9th in Zone 

Sydney - U10 East Midlands Champion & 3rd in Zone

Asha - 5th Place U12 East Midlands, 18th in Zone

Connie - 7th Place in East Midlands, 20th in Zone

Jessica - 3rd Place Junior East Midlands, 20th in Zone

Emily - 2nd Place Senior East Midlands, 7th in Zone

Abi - 3rd Place East Midlands, 8th in Zone


What a start to the year,  

The past few eeks/months have been rather busy. It is safe to say we have well and truly started the competition year with a bang.

We started with the County Championships where we gained 2 County Championship titles (Isla & Sydney),

9 Individual medals and our Espoir Army group came third.  Straight from County our Espoir Hoop group and Senior group travelled to Stoke On Trent for the British and National group seeding event. We are pleased to say that both the Espoir and senior group

qualified for the 2016 National League, then Connie & Sydney competed in the British Individual Open Apparatus, whilst no medals were awarded this was a good opportunity for the girls to compete against the best gymnasts in the country, with a particular highlight for Sydney finishing in the top 20 for her Free routine.


County Championship Results

County U8 - Isla 1st Place, Isobel - 2nd Place, Darby - 3rd Place, Daria 4th Place

County U10 - Sydney 1st Place, Madeline 3rd Place

County U12 - Asha 4th Place, Connie - 7th Place

County Junior - Jessica - 3rd Place

County Senior - Emily - 2nd Place, Abi - 3rd Place

Novice U8 Duet, Isobel&Jemima - 4th Place, Aoife&Rebecca - 8th Place, Sophie&Kira - 9th Place

Novice U10 - Nuria - 3rd Place, Nanami -4th Place, Bonnie - 6th Place, Abbie - 10th Place, Grace - 13th Place

Novice U12 - Rachel - 4th Place, Maddison - 15th Place, Ellie -16th Place

Novice O12 -Millie - 7th Place

Espoir Hoop Group - Connie, Maddie, Sydney, Rachel - 3rd Place

Darby, Isla, Grace, Daria - 4th Place

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