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2019 Events

The Rose Cup 11th /12th May 2019

A huge well done to everyone who competed today at Rose Cup. Lots of great performances.

Very well done to Ella, Enna, Olivia and Victoria who took part in their very first competition & gave confident performances. Lots to learn but a great start to your competitive journey!

Session 1 was the turn of the juniors and they were busy! - ConnieAshaand Laura S all competing 2 individual routines as well as 2 rounds of group with Saskia, Laura C and Erin. 2 good groups routines, despite how fast the changes were and beautiful routines from all 3 junior individuals. They got the club off to a great start! 

Level 4 Group - 2nd 🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈
Level 3 Clubs - 2nd Asha 🥈 3rd Laura S 🥉

Session 2 was the turn of those new to competing (the Level 1s) and our Level 3 Under 8s. 
The Level 1 Under 8s (Sophie, Olivia & Victoria) all did a great job remembering their routines and most importantly their smiles!
The Level 1 U12s competing for the first time had some challenges with run away balls but kept their heads and finished with smiles. 

Our Under 8 level 3s were fantastic. The medal winners gave confident performances with good body skills and those not placed showed some real improvements in body skills and performance. 

Level 1 Under 10 Hoop - 2nd Megan 🥈(first ever medal!)
Level 1 Junior Ribbon - 1st Olivia L 🥇
Level 3 Under 8 Free - 1st Miley 🥇 2nd Islay-Mae 🥈3rd Ebony 🥉 (first time competing for Billings!) 

Session 3 was the turn of our more experienced Level 3 Under 10 and Under 12s. Amazing free routine for Amelia, but sadly no medal but Isla and Daria did a great job managing one each! 

Level 3 Under 12 Clubs - 2nd Daria 🥈 (Isla just missed out on bronze!) 
Level 3 Under 12 Rope - 2nd Isla 🥈

As always a huge thank you to the many many volunteers from club who made today possible - coaching, judging, making teas, doing the door, doing the music etc etc etc! Without you all our gymnasts couldn’t participate so thank you! 

Zone C Championships 14th April  2019

6 gymnasts took part in the Zone C championships on Sunday at the GMAC centre in Birmingham. 


Congratulations to all 


Grade 5 

Isobel 5th

Aoife 8th


Grade 6

Isla 10th

Daria 11th


Grade 9

Asha 6th

Connie 9th


Group Seeding 23rd/24th March 2019

On the 23rd / 24th March we attended the Group Seeding event at Fenton Manor in Stoke. This is one of the largest National competitions of the year. As with previous years groups must take part at the seeding event in order to be seeded into one of three levels. 

Level 3 - Eligible to complete in any level3 group completion

Level4 - National (qualification to National league)

Level 5 - Elite (qualification to the Elite league and British group championships)

On the 25th March the results of the group seeding were released as follows

Our espoirs (Isobel, Isla, Aoife & Daria) have seeded as Level 3 this year and will now compete in the Level 3 league with Ribbon.

And well our Juniors (Connie,Asha,Laura C,Laura S, Saskia & Erin)- have qualified for the Level 4 National Group league. This is the first time in the clubs history we have had a Level 4 Junior Group well down girls! 


County Championships  10th march 2019

Congratulations to all the gymnasts who took part in the competition on Sunday! It was a long, very hot day and the majority were beautifully behaved behind the scenes and gave great performances on the carpet. So many positives to take away from every single routine, so well done everyone.

Top placings were:

Gold Medals: 🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🏆🏆🏆🏆

O12 Novice Ribbon - Saskia
U8 County Free - Miley
U10 County Free & Hoop - Aoife
U12 County Rope & Clubs - Isla
Senior County Hoop & Ball - Jess


Silver Medals: 🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈

Espoir Ball Group - Sapphire - Aoife, Daria, Isla, Isobel 
Junior Ribbon Group - Asha, Connie, Erin, Laura, Laura, Saskia
U12 Novice Ball - Ellie
O12 Novice Ribbon - Laura C
U8 County Free - Islay-Mae
U10 County Free & Hoop - Isobel

Bronze Medals:🥉🥉🥉

U10 Novice Hoop - Poppy M
U12 Novice Ball - Lexie
U8 County Free - Darcy
Junior County Ribbon & Ball -Asha

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