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About the Club

Billings Rhythmic Gymnastics Club was formed in 1996.  

We are a British Gymnastics registered club following their guidelines with all sessions led by fully qualified coaches and all adult volunteers being DBS checked.  We are also affilliated with East Midlands Gymnastics.


Gymnasts are allocated places in the sessions according to their ability and have regular opportunities to progress, should they wish. 


We regularly attend competitions at all levels, both locally and across the UK. Between them the gymnasts have acrrued a large collection of medals. They also work as a whole group to produce exciting and innovative displays.


We provide a friendly, supportive and rewarding environment for all our gymnasts, coaches and helpers to work and develop in. We offer recreational and competitive sporting opportunities for all those who want to take part, and want to encourage more children and adolescents to participate in sport. We aspire to nurture and promote values of equality, tolerance and friendship, and strongly believe that there's a little star to be found in everyone.

We offer a number of different classes and squads, catering for all ages and levels of ability. You can progress to other groups as your skills improve, and also on recommendation by the coach.  

About Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic Gymnastics is an Olympic Sport that combines the grace and passion of dance, combined with superb coordination and agility of apparatus handling. Rhythmic gymnasts have many qualities including: balance, flexibility, coordination, strength and grace. 

They perform leaps, pivots, balances and throws/catches of their apparatus in harmony with their music. Routines are performed individually or in groups.

They compete with five different types of apparatus: rope, hoop, ball, clubs and ribbon. These are introduced gradually based on the age and grade of the gymnast, with the youngest performing a routine without apparatus.

The apparatus moves in sync with the gymnasts body movements and to the music which creates an expression of exemplary beauty and visual excitement. Rhythmic is a distinctive sport which promotes the development of flexibility, power, coordination, gorgeous extensions of the body, with elegance and artistry. 

There are many benefits to the sport of rhythmic gymnastics that transfer to other areas of life. This sport builds self esteem, requires discipline and develops courage. It promotes life long physical fitness, endurance, reinforces rhythm, musical dexterity and inspires creativity with the expression of ones self in an individual style. Not only an amazing and mesmerizing sport to learn, but equally fascinating to watch.

Check out the Official British Rhythmic Gymnastics video which features some of our girls.

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